Corporate Yoga Classes

Stress related litigation in the world is up 46% on last year and is increasing by the quarter. The cost to industry per annum is estimated at £370,000,000 per annum.
Solution: "YAYOH"- Yoga At Your Ofice and Home; Yoga in your office at your next client seminar or conference. Private and group Yoga classes, relaxation techniques, breath and meditation therapies and yoga and detox retreats tailored specifically for you and your team.
A series of Japanese based fund managers recently saw profits sky rocket, as the energy levels of workers increased just eight weeks from the time regular yoga classes were implemented for staff. Yes chairs were moved to the sides of desks each lunch time and a yoga classes then took place. Respect for bosses and harmony amongst fellow staff increased, as did the relationship of the fund with some of its clients who commented that they enjoyed placing their business with the group purely because they felt good about the ‘philosophy’ of those managing their funds - Tokyo Times Feb 2004.
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The floor space required per individual is the length of a body and the width of the body with the arms fully outstretched to the sides.
Yayoh at your seminar or conference
Have you noticed how difficult it can be to keep staff and clients awake during conferences and lengthy meetings. How much of the important information you have worked hard to put together do your guests actually absorb?
Yoga, relaxation and meditation techniques are at offices, conferences and seminars taking pace all over Europe.
Scheduled yoga breaks are fun, energising, and will be remembered by your clientele, and corporate friends long after the event.
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